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延续“遇见知己,更看见自己”的传播理念,以健康态度、品质生活、创新空间、先锋对话为主题全方位地打造She's Mercedes平台,采用多种多样的活动形式,为大家带来前所未有的先锋体验。

Based on the She’s Mercedes concept of inspiring ideas and connecting people, this new experiential event format featured a variety of colorful activities across 4 main themes wellness, lifestyle, innovation and inspiration, encourage and motivate the audience in all aspects of their lives.

携手盒马、SpaceCycle、Blue Note Beijing等合作伙伴,She’s Mercedes凭借创新多元的思维方式为大家带来各领域前瞻性的行业视角和唤醒能量的互动体验,内容包括:主题演讲 、研讨会、舞动课等。

Panel discussions, keynote speeches, workshops, and fitness classes, hosted by renowned influential speakers, took place all day at 6 different locations around the Salitun Taikooli area. 

创新空间 Innovation 

▲ She’s Mercedes X 盒马鲜生限时体验店 | Fresh Market & Workshops @ Garden by Cinker Pictures

将Cinker Pictures三克映画屋顶布置成生鲜集市,与“盒马先生超市”联手提供新鲜的水果和蔬菜,健康的饮品以及包装食品的解决方案,现场更有三个有趣的研讨会,让大家了解更多关于健康生活的方法秘籍。

A fresh market popping-up at Cinker Pictures' Rooftop, in collaboration with “Hema Market”. Fresh fruits & vegs, packaged food solutions and healthy drinks as well as three interesting workshops to teach all you need to know about a healthy lifestyle. 

先锋对话 Inspiration

 ▲ 主题演讲 & 行业洞察  | Keynote Speech & Panel Discussion @ 瑜舍 The Opposite House

▲ 主题演讲 & 行业洞察  | Keynote Speech & Panel Discussion @ 三克映画 Cinker Pictures

健康态度 Wellness 

▲ She’s Mercedes X SpaceCycle 音乐能量课 | Fitness Classes @ SpaceCycle

品质生活 Lifestyle

▲ She’s Mercedes x Bluenote 爵士之夜 | Jazz Party @ Mercedes me 三里屯体验店


This new event format was very successful attracting over 1000 people. The event hosted more than 20 influential speakers, 13 keynote speeches & panels, 3 workshops, and 4 fitness courses.