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北京民生现代美术馆| Minsheng Contemporary Art Museum 

2018年5月11日| 11th May 2018

► PIAGET伯爵 携手全新时尚大使杨幂于 ‘ Sunny Side of Life ’ 影片中诠释品牌哲学,共同揭幕 Possession 绚丽新作。| PIAGET celebrated the ‘ Sunny Side of Life ’ philosophy with an exclusive cocktail party bringing to life PIAGET’s Possession  collection of jewelry.

活动当晚,秉承 ‘Sunny Side of Life’ 理念,PIAGET伯爵 从不同角度将美术馆以海滩、泳池为主题,打造成一个充满趣味的夏日阳光派对。交错流转的梦幻灯光释放着夏日热情奔放的因子,给宾客们带来了一次难以忘怀的缤纷夏日体验。


The event created a unique immersive summer adventure through the ‘Sunny Side of Life’ exhibiting and magnifying the new PIAGET Possession collection to offer a never-ending flow of beautiful, solar, festive and surprising experiences.


The guests were welcomed by a sunlight bath into the beautiful underwater world and felt immersed in the luxuriant evergreen floral beauty all around radiating a joyful summer mood.

PIAGET伯爵 Possession 系列新品陈列于展台之上,吸引来宾观赏试戴并感受其散发的独特魅力和极致之美,于黄金海岸上,品尝着缤纷鸡尾酒和精致佳肴,尽享欢乐时刻。


The guests enjoyed colourful summertime cocktails and delightful gourmet food while trying on the new line of brilliant gemstones at the terrace and capturing the moment at the shiny Golden Beach and at the coloured Palm Trees.

蔚蓝的灯光向泳池中央的屏幕投射出粼粼波纹并开始转动着 Possession 全新时尚大片。佩戴全新 Possession 系列的杨幂惊艳亮相,以动人之姿释放多彩魅力,让当晚的现场更加璀璨夺目,熠熠生辉。

The light of the summer subtly changed and the pool area opened the scene to the presentation of the ‘Sunny Side of Life’  TVC and the beautiful Yang Mi, the ambassador for PIAGET Possession Jewelry Collection, who made her appearance on stage wearing the sparkling jewels.

▲ 品牌时尚大使--杨幂 | Yang Mi

金马影帝阮经天,亦作为 ‘Sunny Side of Life’ 精神的践行者受邀出席这场阳光派对,一同分享愉悦夏日心情。

Ruan Jintian , renown Chinese actor and winner of the "Golden Horse Award", was also invited to attend this special occasion and enjoy the summer vibes.

▲ ‘Sunny Side of Life’ 精神的践行者-阮经天 | Ruan Jingtian



Sophisticated female figures enchanted the audience dancing to the rhythm of the music, and the melodic beats continued all night long adding extra positive vibes to this enchanting summer evening.

本次派对吸引了 270+ 位宾客包括知名媒体以及KOLs共享盛宴,并有现场直播,一同领略 PIAGET伯爵 精神文化和 ‘Sunny Side of Life’ 的阳光生活理念。